Poetixtructer is a Hip–Hop duo of two Hispanic males from the small town of Caldwell/Sunny slope Idaho, much like the complex structured rhymes schemes and uniquely lettered group name so is the complicated history of its formation. Two cousins from a small town who’s love and obsession for substantial and meaningful Hip-Hop, grew from their love of music which would eventually take them on an adventure to pursuing their dreams of a career. Poetixtructer was formed in the early months of 2011, but originally started as a solo project in 2009 named after the first group member Adam Muñoz aka Shorty the Maniac. Shorty moved to Seattle in 2009 to pursue a degree and career in audio production and months later would inspire the second member Isreal Perez aka DJ Scrappy to do the same. “We are two M.C.’s but ones a DJ”… as the group has stated, have also had musical inspiration from the early years of Hip-Hop with influences ranging from the Beastie boys, N.W.A., Too Short, Camp lo, Bush babies, Tupac, etc. while also incorporating other influences in Rock, Jazz and Spoken word. As far as putting a defined name to their sound… your guess is as good as theirs.